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​ My first encounter with the Italian culture was in 1978 when I spent my junior year of college as a student in Florence. I fell in love with the people, food and lifestyle of the Italians. I speak  Italian, have visited Italy about a dozen times and am good friends with many locals which will make your experience traveling with me much more interesting than looking at Italy through a bus window.

The kinds of travellers who will enjoy this trip are active, adventurous, food & wine lovers, outdoor types. I lived in Monterosso for several months. I made wine with my toes, made olive oil with a press, helped with the grape harvest, and painted a local fisherman's boat. These are just some of the adventures I experienced and I want you to have your own.  I can't wait to show you why this place is so special to me!


I look forward to introducing you to my friends, the local cuisine, and the “piccoli tesori”, little treasures, that I have discovered over the years.

I followed my heart to Italy at 19 years old after falling in love with "la dolce vita". I have been living in Cinque Terre for five years now and am lucky to call Monterosso al Mare my home. It is now my mission to share this incredible part of the world with people in the most authentic way possible. 


​I completed my Bachelor's Degree in Italian Language at Istituto Lorenzo de' Medici in Florence, Italy which included courses in Italian history, art, cooking & culture. After graduating I dove deep into my Italian roots and was able to obtain Dual Italian American Citizenship through my Sicilian great-grandfather. It is amazing how I have brought the Cimino name full circle and I'm so proud to have reclaimed that part of myself.


Living in Monterosso for so many years has been a wonderful adventure. I love learning about the food, wine, culture & people more each day. I am so grateful to be able to share a slice of my life here with you. 

My day tours are the perfect opportunity for you to get to know Cinque Terre from a local perspective and really see how life is here beyond the tourist hot spots. My excursions are a wonderful way for us to spend anywhere from one to three hours together with a an intimate and unique local experience. Travellers who would enjoy my day tours and excursions are active, curious about Italian culture, nature lovers, and always up for an adventure.

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