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Packing for Paradise

For both of my May & September tours, think layers. The weather is usually sunny & beautiful but it's smart to be prepared for different weather. Dress is very casual everywhere in Monterosso and the surrounding villages. Unless you will be traveling to the cities like Florence or Rome, you do not need to bring dress clothes. In the evening, a sweater, wrap or light jacket is all that is required for the sea breeze. When you sign up for the tour I will provide you with more detailed information and answer any further questions you may have. Here are some basic things I would recommend packing:

Rain parka or umbrella

Comfortable shoes for walking/hiking

Tshirts & shorts for hiking (paths are a combination of stone steps and dirt walkways)

Sun hat


Light jacket


Small backpack to carry water

Swim suit

Beach sandals (note: beaches are made of small stones rather than soft sand, so keep this in mind when packing your flip-flops. Something with a little support on the bottom may be more comfortable if you plan to walk along the shore)

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