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We recommend flying into Milan, Florence, or Pisa. Flights need to be arranged on your own, but we can suggest a travel agent if needed. Since our time together is only five full days, I suggest you plan to see another part of Italy either before & after our time in Cinque Terre. You can take the train from any of the cities to La Spezia & change trains there for a local train to Monterosso. If you prefer, we can give you information about a private shuttle bus directly to the hotel. On prior tours, guests have opted to take a shuttle from Florence, as all ten of them happened to start there and it was much more convenient than changing trains with luggage.


You can choose to fly to any Italian city, but Milan, Pisa or Florence are the easiest and the ones we suggest. These destinations are 1 1/2 to 3 hours from Cinque Terre. We will give you specific instructions about taking the train to Monterosso al Mare. The hotels are a short distance from the train, about 10-15 minute walk. Luggage with wheels are suggested, as well as packing light. We arrive a few days ahead of the tour to arrange everything, and we will meet you at the hotel upon arrival. Welcome to the Italian Riviera!

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